Pantone’s Fall 2018 Color Trends: The Bold and Beautiful

Pantone’s fall 2018 color trends are predicted. The 10 fall colors are undeniably bold and predictably beautiful. And they are not really that surprising. For a year in which the Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra-Violet, an intense cosmic purple, these colors are strong enough to feed our ongoing lust for a strong color palette.

The trends embrace the fact that we are still in love with all things organic. From textures to materials to colors, we can’t get enough of nature-inspired colors.

And make no mistake. These colors do take their cues from nature. When I look at these colors, I am inspired by the fiery changing colors of fall leaves, the bloom of chrysanthemums, and the bounty of the autumn harvest. Don’t stop reading, though, as there are a couple of surprises in this selection that lighten and brighten the palette with unexpected twists.

In fact, a recent press release by the Pantone Color Institute describes these 10 lush colors as

“Autumnal hues that evoke the feeling of leaves on the forest floor, rich plumage and twilight reveal a modern fall palette of deep and rich tones with outbursts of colorful surprise.”

Pantone’s Fall 2018 Color Trends

Fall Leaf Inspired Colors

Valiant Poppy is the classic red that we associate with fall. It’s a bold choice that can be balanced out by using it in a print or pairing it with traditional neutrals like cream or gray. Its rich ruby hue is luscious and will remain a classic for years to come. Feel confident in this traditional-yet-new-again color option.

Like Valiant Poppy, Ceylon Yellow takes its cues from the changing fall foliage. It’s a rich and brassy golden yellow that makes a true statement anywhere that you use it. This color makes a big, bold statement when you use it to create an accent wall.

Martini Olive is the color of those last fall leaves, just before they fall away from the tree. It’s a deep and rich olive green with a brown undertone. It’s a neutral that will perfectly pair with any one of the other Pantone fall 2018 colors.  Use it to ground the color in any room, punctuating it with the vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows of the fall palette to enliven its depth.

Harvest-inspired Colors

Red Pear is another red that makes the trend cut for Fall of 2018. This sophisticated and understated red takes inspiration from the rich reds of the fall harvest. Think burgundy pears and deep red apples. Use this color in your dining room to create a posh culinary experience in your very own home!

One look at russet orange and you know it’s inspired by one of the most iconic images of fall…the pumpkin! This orange is pigmented with more red than yellow, making it a very grown-up version of orange. It’s wonderful paired with earth tones, greens, and soft neutrals.

Fall Floral Inspired Colors

Here’s one of those delightful surprised that I promised you! Crocus Petal is a soft and bright purple floral color. While you may think “spring” flowers like the crocus or lilac when you see it, think again! Think of the two-tone look of variegated chrysanthemum petals, and you’ll see just why this made the cut as a fall color. Use Crocus Petal as an accessory color to add a touch of purple in unexpected places in your fall home décor.

Blue isn’t a color that we always associate with “fall.” As the fall foliage steals the show far up in the trees, flowers like the blue larkspurs and delphiniums are blooming right under our noses! This is that perfect blue of this flower that blooms every year in September and October. It is the perfect go-with-everything shade of blue that you can use anywhere in your home.

Surprising Color Trends for Fall

I promised you a few surprises in the fall colors, and I have more than just crocus petal up my sleeve. Here are a couple of other fun colors to use this fall.

Quetzal Green is a teal with a jewel-toned quality and intensity. While it’s not a traditional fall color, it was selected for a very good reason. It’s a great counterpoint to shades like Ceylon Yellow, Valiant Poppy, and Russet Orange. Its vibrancy carries enough weight to complement those colors without becoming washed out when used in conjunction with them.

Perhaps the most surprising color is Limelight. It’s a yellow-green hue that evokes the thought of a fresh key lime pie! Why is it a fall color? Like the Queztal Green, it complements the bold fall colors. It’s a quirky and fun color.  It can be used to lighten, brighten, and keep the fall color palette from being overbearing.

Last up, but not least, is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra-Violet. This color still trends strong into the fall and winter of 2018. It will still be everywhere. You will still see it in fashion trends, makeup, and home décor alike.

And while it takes inspiration from the night sky, it makes perfect sense as a fall color. Look up at the sky in September or October. As the nights get longer and the temperatures start to dip, you’ll see this color in the cosmos.


Fall of 2018 will be all about embracing these nature-inspired, organic colors. Choose one of them as the inspiration for a complete room makeover or mix a couple for accessory pieces to brighten up your space. In fact, you can use these however you are inspired to do so.

There’s no right or wrong with these colors. Get your creative juices going and pair them in a way that you find visually interesting and appealing.


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How to Decorate for Easter Indoors and Outdoors

While the calendar indicates that mid-March is the first of spring, most of us hold our first big spring celebration on Easter Sunday. Easter provides you the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the re-emergence of leaves on the trees, joyful tulips poking their heads out from under their winter cover, and the arrival of the birds singing their springtime songs. So, in honor of spring décor, today’s post is all about How to Decorate for Easter Indoors and Out.

How to Decorate for Easter


Outdoor Easter Décor

Many of us celebrate Easter over brunch. If you’re in a climate that’s already warm, why not serve your guests outdoors? You can all enjoy these moderately warm and pleasant spring days before the heat blast of summer hits your area.

Front Porch Easter Décor

Whether you’re dining indoors or out, offer your Easter guests a gracious entrance by decorating your porch for Easter. It will make them feel welcome when they see the effort that went into your decorating.

easter deco ideas 1

Hang an Easter wreath on your front door to add color and a warm welcome. Or, if you prefer, you can create a wreath that is “spring-themed” rather than Easter. Then, wire a stuffed bunny to the wreath for Easter Sunday and remove it on Monday…this gives you more bang for your buck.

easter deco ideas 2

String a simple garland made with those plastic Easter eggs that you find at discount stores for a fun project you can do with the kids! It adds the colorful, pastel colors that we associate with Easter and a fun look to your entryway.

Outdoor Easter Vignettes

Hosting an Easter egg hunt on the lawn is always fun for the big and little kids alike! Do it in style by creating charming vignettes throughout your entire yard…these vignettes are perfect places to hide some of those coveted Easter eggs!

easter deco ideas 3

A graceful urn filled with Easter flowers is a perfect example. Like the wreath mentioned before, you can remove the colored eggs and have a gorgeous “spring” arrangement after Easter.

easter deco ideas 4

Colorful forsythia stems are a springtime staple. If you’re lucky enough to have a shrub in your yard, snip a few sprays and they will grow right back in just days! This simple arrangement is Wabi Sabi in its simplicity and slight asymmetry.

Patio Seating Areas

easter deco ideas 5

Move an accent table to a covered patio and glam it up in Easter finery. This will give your outdoor seating area a fresh-looking focal point.

easter deco ideas 6

Easter is a day filled with joy, hope, and renewal. Dress up your outdoor table. This is definitely a day for a more formal table set with your best pieces, regardless of dining outside!

Indoor Easter Decor

On the other hand, we have friends and readers in cooler climates. In fact, some of y’all might even still have snow on the ground! In your case, decorate your front porch and move the party…and the decorating…to the great indoors.

The Easter Tablescape

Creating an elegant Easter tablescape is fun and easy. Take your inspiration from those first shades of spring. Robin’s egg blue, the soft green of new grass, the soft pink of cherry blossoms, or daffodil yellow are colors that come to mind. Take a look.

easter deco ideas 7

This very elegant and adult tablescape is fresh, clean, and visually gorgeous! This is a very formal, grown-up look that involves only minimal bunnies!

easter deco ideas 8

However, you can use a more rustic look if that’s what you prefer. The tablescape should always reflect your individual taste and style.

easter deco ideas 9

And, don’t forget the kids’ table! They will be delighted to dine at a table decorated just for them!

Easter Artwork

With a little creativity, you can create one of a kind artwork to decorate your home with before Easter.


Frame a wallpaper scrap (or scrapbooking paper) and add a charming bunny silhouette. Accent with a coordinating frame and stand it on an accent table to create an Easter vignette.

easter deco ideas 10

Take advantage of “free printables” on Pinterest to make the perfect seasonal artwork for every occasion or holiday, including Easter. There are tons of these great freebies online.

easter deco ideas 11

From classic Easter bunnies and chicks to typography, you have a wealth of online resources.

The Easter Mantel

Whether you’re in a warm or a cold climate, the mantel is an architectural detail in your home that is the focal point of your living space. Don’t forget to add some of your most cherished Easter decorations for all your guests to admire.

easter deco ideas 12

Adding apothecary jars filled with dipped eggs is a smart and inexpensive way to decorate the mantel. Use jars grouped together in varying heights for a contemporary and casual look.

easter deco ideas 13

This decorator created a sweet Easter mantel. However, she can easily remove the bunnies and Easter eggs and replace them with spring flowers. This will give her long enjoyment of the mantel throughout the entire spring season.

The Easter Guest Bath

During Easter festivities, your guests will probably visit the bathroom. As a final touch, consider adding a few Easter or spring-inspired touches to your guest bathroom. It will delight and surprise them!

easter deco ideas 14

Purchase inexpensive guest towels in spring colors and hang them for your guests to use. Repeat the color pattern by filling a charming wicker basket with coordinating towels.

easter deco ideas 15

Lay out guest soaps in pretty spring soap dishes or provide liquid soaps in spring fragrances that they’ll enjoy.

These little details in the bathroom will pay honor to your guests.


Easter decorating doesn’t need to be stressful. It’s a day of renewal and refreshing. Let your Easter décor reflect the gorgeous shades of the season. Use springtime classic florals and lace them with bunnies and chicks that you can turn back into a spring theme after the holiday.

But most of all, take time on this day or rejoicing to spend time with your loved ones.

If you have any Easter decorating tips, please share them! I’d love to see photos!

 Image Source: Pinterest

How to Decorate for Easter Indoors and Outdoors Mar18


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Embrace Wabi-Sabi Style for a Stress-Free Décor!

When you embrace Wabi-Sabi style, you’re opting into a stress-free style of décor. It’s a perfectly balanced and harmonious blend that’s casual but elegant, complex but simple, and intriguing in every way it can be!


I must admit, first, to my initial confusion. I immediately thought someone was talking not about Wabi-Sabi, but about wasabi, and I couldn’t understand what sushi had to do with decorating! Rest assured, Wabi-Sabi is a real term and it has nothing to do with California rolls!

Wabi-Sabi is a design sensibility derived from Zen Buddhism. It’s most often explained by explaining its significance in ancient Japanese tea rituals.

Imagine centuries ago when Imperial Japanese rulers took their tea from ancient, hand-crafted teacups. These hand-made cups were curated by their honored ancestors. Over the years, cracks in the glaze formed and tiny chips appeared. Yet, the rulers took tea from these vessels. They took pride in the ancient beauty, despite the tiny cracks. They understood that these tea cups had, figuratively speaking, traveled through time and connected them back to their ancestors. It was an honor to use these beautiful, imperfect cups.

Fast forward to 2018. Wabi-Sabi is the hot trend in art, photography, and interior design. It embraces less than perfect elements into our less than perfect world! It’s a simple appreciation for an object despite its flaws.

It’s also an affirmation of the imperfect beauty of natural objects. In fact, natural objects are incorporated to add texture and color to design elements today.

Like those ancient Japanese tea cups, we are celebrating the imperfection of the world around us.


Yes! Imperfect decorating is what Wabi-Sabi is all about! This design style embraces, and even celebrates, imperfection in everything!

You don’t need to worry about everything matching. You don’t need to stress out over perfectly arranged accessories. In fact, you don’t even need to concern yourself by covering up chips in your dining room table or frayed leather on your favorite chair! Expose those imperfections, own them, and let visitors to your home see why you love these objects.

The bottom line in this style is that if it an item is pleasing to your eye, and you love it, then roll with it!


Because Wabi-Sabi sensibility appreciates old, traditional, natural mediums, flooring materials are a great starting point. It’s very easy to incorporate Wabi-Sabi style into your home via the flooring. Any floors made from natural materials such as wood, slate, brick or even cork align with this look.

Here are some examples of Wabi-Sabi floors. Of course, they are all made from natural materials.

This older wood floor is chipped and dinged from years of use. Yes, that all adds character. Its most prominent feature, however, is the uneven cuts made by a long-ago craftsman.

wabi sabi style ideas 1

This patio is a perfect example of Wabi-Sabi flooring. Its uneven tiles are old, worn, and rustic. But the charm is absolutely undeniable. Do you agree?

wabi sabi style ideas 2

Like the tiles, these bricks have uneven wear that actually looks perfectly imperfect. In fact, they look inviting!

wabi sabi style ideas 3



Last year was all about the maximalism trend and the more-is-more philosophy. This new year, trends have geared towards a definite less-is-more philosophy. In Wabi-Sabi, you embrace the things that you do have, appreciate them for the value they add to your home and your lifestyle, and display them in refreshingly simple way!

Furnishings are simple, with clean lines. They are uncluttered and allow you free space to think, dream, and organize your thoughts.

This photo reiterates the importance of nature in this hot trend. Wood plays a vital role in home furnishings as the style nods appreciation to all things natural.

wabi sabi style ideas 4

This next room is a great candidate for this organic style. From the exposed brick wall to the wood floors, it’s perfectly suited! Notice the large wood bookcases that display a treasured collection? It honors the collectibles in a unique and pleasing way. The objects are arranged in an asymmetrical and casual way that caused no stress to the decorator!


Below is the perfect accent table. It’s an obvious antique that’s been well-used over time. The front corner leg is ever-so-slightly bowed, but that’s ok, too! The decorator uses the piece in a way that proudly shows off this imperfection.


The mixed textures in this living room reflect the simple style of the trend. A white canvas couch and a mismatched leather armchair (left) are paired with a wood stool used as an end table. The simple stoneware accessories complete the look of effortless mismatching.




Accessories in wabi-sabi décor are simple and minimal.  Neutral colors, super texture, and natural objects or plants are all the rage.

Think, for example, of a seashell. It is the very essence of the sea. It has a delicate pink and cream color, with a texture, washed smooth by the water. But when you look carefully, it probably has cracks or pits in that delicate surface. That is a perfect Wabi-Sabi accessory! Displaying such a piece as this would epitomize the aesthetic.

Here are some photographic examples:

This simple paper lantern softly glows and the asymmetrical spray adds texture and depth.


Skip the fussy mantel and embrace simplicity. You no longer need to cover the mantel with accessories. Instead, let the mantel show itself with all its scratches, scrapes, and years of wear and tear.

The mantel shown here is accessorized with simple stones in varying sizes, but all have a similar shape…the imperfection in the mismatching is perfect!



You now officially have permission to pare down your look. Stop stressing about finding the perfectly matched furnishings. You don’t need to obsess over perfect accessory placement any longer! With Wabi-Sabi, it’s okay to be uncluttered, imperfect, and simple. In fact, it’s the only requirement! Embrace Wabi-Sabi and start enjoying your stress-free décor.

Image Source: Pinterest


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Closet Makeovers That Will Leave You Jealous

A glamorous closet with a ton of space for shoes and handbags is exactly what every shopaholic yearns for. We envision cubbies with spaces for our gorgeous accessories and dream of shiny racks for our shoes. While we can’t enlarge your closet space for you, we can share some closet ideas that will inspire you to make the most of the space that you do have. In fact, these are closet makeovers that will leave you jealous!

We’re going to look at three different closets that you probably can improve upon in your own home: the master bedroom closet, the bathroom linen closet, and the laundry closet.


Double Your Space

Use double rods (upper and lower) to hang shorter items such as pants and shirts. This will free up space for you to add storage for accessories, shoes, and bags. In addition, create one section to hang long items such as dresses. All of your items will be neatly hung and the overall closet appearance will become far more pleasing to the eye.

closet ideas 1


closet ideas 2

Incorporate a Chest of Drawers

You can add chic, trendy wood elements to your décor by adding a small chest of drawers inside the closet. In fact, measure to see if the chest of drawers from your bedroom suite will fit. Removing that piece of furniture will make your master bedroom look huge and add much-needed organization to your closet!

closet ideas 3

Improve Closet Lighting

In homes built prior to the 1930’s, a closet was a luxury and it was often added into a room during a later era, often decades later. Fast forward to 1930. Builders of mid-century homes, from the 1930s through the 1960s, installed closets but lighting was an afterthought. I guess they thought we’d be content just to have the luxury of a closet instead of a wardrobe!

As a result, homes which were built prior to the 1970s often have dimly lit closets.  In fact, the only lighting is sometimes a pull string and light bulb. This dim lighting is both ugly and frustrating because it leaves the homeowner scrambling around to find things.

Add or improve closet lighting to make your closet a more beautiful space.

closet ideas 4


LED lights are the secret to this crisp looking lighting!

Add Decorator Touches

Just because a closet is utilitarian, it doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look beautiful! Add some decorator touches to get a glam looking closet like these ones.

closet ideas 5

closet ideas 6

Attention to detail matters! Crisply painted shelving displays your clothing to a tee! Wallpapering the inside of the closet creates a high-end finish that will make your friends jealous!


You may fear that nosy friends peek in your bathroom linen closet when they visit your home. In fact, they might! At least, I admit to it. Don’t fear the embarrassment of your dull and disorganized linen closet. Add charm but keep it functional with these ideas. With these linen closets, you’ll actually look forward to a visit from your snooping Aunt Peggy!

Add Drawers or Baskets

Purchase an inexpensive set of pull-out drawers from the home improvement center. Mount them in the linen closet. That will be the place to store all the small, cluttering items like the extra shower curtain rings that you don’t toss in the trash!

closet ideas 7

If you’d rather keep it simple, store away the clutter in attractive baskets.

closet ideas 8

Use Vertical Space

Use the often-overlooked vertical space inside the closet door. You can use hooks to hang things or a wire rack system to store extra bottles of products.

best best 25 linen closets ideas on pinterest bathroom closet for linen closet organization ideas remodel


Add Pattern

Create a decorator-inspired look by adding pattern to your linen closet. It helps you display your towels and sheets so that they look fabulous.

closet ideas 10


Many homes today have a laundry room. However, many small-home dwellers, especially those in older homes, live with laundry closets. These small spaces house the washer and dryer. In addition, they are often equipped with only minimal shelving to organize laundry supplies. Most often, builders added laundry closets right in the kitchen, with bi-fold doors that eat into your kitchen floorspace when opened. I can tell you from first-hand experience, the space becomes jumbled!

This can leave you dreading laundry day. But a laundry closet makeover can brighten this tiny space and make washing clothes a less overwhelming chore. In fact, all your neighbors will wish they had thought of these ideas first!

Make Space for Little Items

Add some baskets to hold small items. You will need someplace to keep boxes of dryer sheets, loose change or tubes of lip balm that you find in pockets, stain removal pens, and any other little things you find.

Remember, stylish baskets are a small closet’s best friend!

closet ideas 11

Mount Cabinets

If space allows, skip the baskets and add a closed cabinet above the washer and dryer. It completely closes off all clutter and gives it a very clean appearance. Of course, I advocate wallpapering the wall behind the washer and dryer. It finishes it beautifully and also makes it easy to wipe off dirt, smudges, or laundry detergent splashes.

closet ideas 12


Go Stackable

If a new washer and dryer are in your future, opt for a stackable unit. You’ll be able to use half of the floor space of the laundry closet for your appliances and half to add valuable storage space, shelving, or even a Murphy Bed-inspired ironing board.

closet ideas 13


Small closets can be both effective for storing away your things and pretty enough to be delightful. You will enjoy incorporating some of these elements into your own closets. So there’s no need to be jealous…plan to upgrade your own closets so you can enjoy these features yourself!

Share the inspiration! When you makeover your closet space, please take a few photos to share with us We’d love to see the improvements that you make to your own closet’s design and organization.

Closet Makeovers That Will Leave You Jealous Feb25


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5 Simple Suggestions to Make Sense of Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year Ultra-Violet

Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra-Violet 18-3838, is everywhere you look! Every product from computers to cell phones to nail polish prominently features this vibrant hue. It’s a trend that is also hot in home décor, but good discretion in how you use it is a must! It’s not a color for the faint of heart!


Ultra-Violet is a rich and vibrant purple with a blue undertone that almost has a glowing effect. It’s described best by the following quote by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute:

“From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and reflection, intuitive Ultra-Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

Ultra-Violet is a color that represents the deep colors of the universe and connects us to the stars. It inspires dreamers and fosters creative thinking. Its depth of color is rich, romantic, and dreamy. To use this color is to add a little inspiration to enjoy every day.

I bet right now you’re dying to run off to buy the supplies to paint your home purple, right? Hold on!

Using Ultra-Violet requires a little bit of finesse. With its deeply saturated blue tones and its vibrant hut, this color can overwhelm a room if used without a good plan! You need to find a way to use this color that’s cohesive instead of chaotic!

Here are five simple suggestions to decorate with Ultra-Violet that keeps you on trend without becoming overpowered with the color.


The first way to use Ultra-Violet is one of my favorite techniques to use hot trends. Create an accent wall.

How do you choose an accent wall? Choose either the longest wall in your room or one that features a cool architectural element (like a fireplace or bay window) and wallpaper just that wall in a print that features Ultra-Violet. Pull a soft neutral color from the wallpaper pattern and paint the remaining three walls in that neutral to keep the look refined.

The best part of an accent wall is that once the purple trend passes, you won’t be stuck in a purple haze. You can easily remove the wallpaper and replace it with the next color you fall in love with!

By the way, if you are searching Pinterest for inspiration, accent walls are aka feature walls or focal walls.



Another really cool and fun way to work in any trend shade is to look up at your ceiling! Instead of treating walls in fashion colors, consider treating the ceiling.

This is especially true of Ultra-Violet.  Because it mimics the deep shade of the winter sky on a clear night, it will give your space a dreamy and ethereal look. In fact, you will harness the color in a way that it was meant to be used…as a creative outlet and inspiration!

A ceiling treatment can be paint, wallpaper, or even painted shiplap! The medium is yours to decide! After all, this color is all about channeling your inner artist!



If you don’t like to paint or hang wallpaper, you may not be so very into the idea of a feature wall or dramatic ceiling.  Instead, focus on some purple furniture.

While it may be a bit out of budget…and impractical…to run to the furniture store to purchase purple chairs and couches, think outside the box. Consider a run to a thrift store and pick up a couple of wood tables, a buffet, or a bookcase.

Custom paint three small pieces or one large piece of furniture with this intense violet. Always remember to use odd numbers when you are creating accents as it’s more pleasing to the human eye. Also, keep your walls neutral gray and the purple will stand out and make a grand visual impact.



Perhaps you really love neutral walls or you rent and can’t paint without upsetting your landlord. Consider adding Ultra-Violet accessories to your space.

Like I mentioned earlier, everything is available in this shade in 2018. From stand mixers to lamps to vases to wall art, you will see a sea of purple this year! Invest in a few key pieces that have some hefty size (like lamps and large wall art pieces) and add some smaller accessories (like vases or glass votive holders) to the mix to repeat the color throughout the room.

These are certainly touches to add rich violet tones that won’t upset your landlord!


Purple prints, not purple Prince. Although we all know that Prince had an affinity for purple, and we miss him dearly, we are not referring to him.

When you are considering any powerful color, be it purple, red, or black, consider a print instead of a solid.


A print adds the shade to the space but breaks it up into a way that our brains read as elegant, classy, and high-end. Sometimes, to be honest, it overwhelms the human eye to see a solid slab of any overpowering color and the brain perceives it as crowded and cluttered.

If you decide you really are comfy with having your whole room enveloped in purple, go for it! But choose a large print wallpaper instead of paint! It will keep the look refined and organize the space in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

In addition, use prints in textiles such as area rugs, bedding and blankets, tablecloths or accent pillows to work in touches of Ultra-Violet. Using textiles to convey this color story is a way that allows you to add layers of color throughout any room.


In summary, Ultra-Violet is a fantastic shade. It can add a touch of fun and creativity that will inspire you in your space. However, it can overtake a room if used without considering the final effect. When you follow these 5 simple suggestions, you’ll be able to make Ultra-Violet make sense for you!


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10 Ways to Use Wallpaper to Create High Style in Your Home

About five years ago, wallpaper re-emerged onto the design scene after falling out of favor for over a decade. Since wallpaper has stolen back the spotlight, home decorators and interior design pros alike have been quite creative in finding new ways to use wallpaper. Here are 10 creative ways to use wallpaper to create high style in your own home!


Adding wallpaper inside a closet is like opening a little gift every time you open the closet door to put away your things.

wall 1

Take a look at this foyer closet. The walls and trim are a neutral white. You open the door and see an unexpected but fun peek of coral print. They were clever in installing wallpaper both on the walls and the ceiling. Plus, when the wall gets inevitably dingy from wet coats and dirty handbags scuffing the wall, they can wipe away the dirt.


You’ll save hundreds if you skip expensive tile backsplash installation and opt instead for a wallpaper backsplash!

wall 2

This creative decorator used wallpaper and treated it as a backsplash only. The kitchen already had a lovely paint color but needed some finishing touches. Selecting wallpaper as a backsplash added the fun print as well as the functionality of a durable backsplash that can take wiping down after someone makes a mess at the sink!


Home decorators used to think that they needed to keep a small powder room painted all one neutral color to make it feel stylish and spacious. We now know that the opposite is actually true!

wall 3

In fact, the key to a highly stylized powder room is a combination of a medium to large size geometric print, great lighting, and minimal accessories for a clean contemporary look that virtually screams with good taste.


The bedroom is the space where you want to unwind and snuggle in for a good night sleep. Therefore, you naturally want to have a room that makes you feel cozy and relaxed.

wall 4

One way to get that relaxing feeling is by choosing relaxing and soft shades like blue, green, or gray. But don’t let that be an excuse for boring style! A damask or flocked wallpaper keeps a soft color interesting by adding texture that lends itself to that cozy feeling you’re looking. Yet, it’s still visually interesting to behold.


Once upon a time, tray ceilings were highlighted with paint in a color that matched the walls. Boring! Amp up the interest and add high style with wallpaper.

wall 5

While you want to choose a wallpaper that complements the paint colors on your walls, break away from the ordinary and wallpaper that inner tray.

Tray ceilings are most commonly found in the master bedroom or the dining room. They are a unique architectural detail that should be shown off! A metallic wallpaper could be just the ticket to high style in this situation. Metallics are neutrals and “go with” any wall color and add shine that will show off your ceiling to perfection!


You can create one-of-a-kind wall art with a simple frame, a sheet of wallpaper, and a sharp craft knife.

wall 6

This is an especially great trick when you have a difficult to match color scheme or are on a budget. This is because wall art pieces can be expensive. Plus, because of the huge selection of wallpapers available today, you will find a shade to match even the trickiest color without overspending on the artwork.


I think we all have boring bookshelves in our home. They are either wood tone or white, and they are functional but dull.

wall 7

Turn your bookshelves from dull to dazzling with wallpaper. Remove the shelves, cut the wallpaper to fit the back panel, install the wallpaper, and replace the shelving boards. The transformation is quick and stunning and adds so much style. The same principle applies to entertainment centers, hutches, and other open cabinets.


A stairway is often an opportunity for home décor that’s overlooked. We run up and down steps all day and grow accustomed to the sterile look.

wall 8

Use the risers (the front panel) of your stairs to add print, texture, and color to your stairway. You can choose colors that complement your style. This is a very customized look and a great way to personalize a space that we largely ignore!

Choose a wallpaper that’s intended for a high-traffic area like a kitchen, and you’ll be able to wipe away occasional scuffs that are sure to happen!


Here’s a bright idea for a lampshade. Sorry, pardon that pun. It was right there, y’all!

wall 9

Consider your lampshades an accessory that can be used to add flair to your room. They are super-inexpensive at the local big box store and can be wallpapered to add a very custom finish.

In addition, this is the perfect way to work in trendy colors like this year’s Ultra-Violet which you see in the photo above. When the Ultra-Violet trend fades away, these lampshades can be replaced for just a few dollars and with far less labor than redoing a whole room! It’s a great way to add current trends to your living room, den, or bedroom.


Do you have a plain coffee table that gets a lot of use? Maybe it’s in good, sturdy condition, but the top is getting worn from use?

wall 10

Wallpaper to the rescue! Wallpaper the top of the table and add a sheet of glass or ModPodge the top to create a durable table top that will resist spills, stains, and future fading. This treatment gives a very basic piece of furniture an extra-special dose of style!


In conclusion, wallpaper has made its comeback and it’s more fun than ever! You can use wallpaper to create custom finishes with high style. All you need is a little creativity and inspiration. If you have your own custom wallpaper projects, please share them with me!


All photos courtesy of Pinterest


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Looks We’re Loving: Rustic Cabin Decor

When I think of a warm, welcoming, and cozy space, I often visualize a rustic cabin decor. It’s rich and Earthy. When I walk into a room with rustic cabin decor, I feel like it welcomes me with open arms and envelops me in a tight hug.

Rustic cabin decor is all about creating a space that’s visually interesting as well as cozy. What’s not to love? Warm wood tones, Earthy colors, and organic materials all marry together in a look that is classic yet relevant.

Rustic cabin decor is sometimes misunderstood. Some may think that it’s all rusty buckets and barn doors. While those are, indeed, design elements that may be present, think again! Rustic cabin decor is also very relevant and there’s much more to it than that.

You don’t need to go over the top, all-out log cabin…unless you want to. A log cabin is certainly charming! However, simple elements that add to the relaxed feeling of a cabin are easy to add to any home. The trick is to using some of my favorite design elements and architectural elements to get that same flair.

Do you want to know how to get the rustic cabin feeling in any home? Let me share a few of my favorite things about rustic decor.



There’s something about rich wood tones that really speaks to me. Here are my favorite architectural elements..

A gleaming, refinished hardwood floor is one of my favorite elements in a rustic room. They seem to invite me to walk in and explore the space. If you want this look, having hardwood floors installed may be well worth the investment.

While hardwood floors may seem like an expensive item to you, consider this. Once you install those gorgeous floors, you will have them for life. They may need to be refinished in many years, but this initial investment in quality flooring is timeless and won’t fall out of favor any time in the near future.

Live edge details are an exciting way to make rustic very relevant. What’s a live edge? You may be wondering. The live edge is this: When the tree is harvested, the bark is removed from the tree before the pieces are planed into planks. That edge is left natural in shape and lends a very organic, and much softer, feel than a straight plank.

Rolling barn doors, made from reclaimed barn wood, is a huge trend. Taking a dismantled barn and reclaiming the wood is certainly environmentally friendly. Moreover, the final effect is stunning. A rolling barn door creates a focal point that works perfectly in rustic cabin decor.

Layering accessories is one of the best ways to achieve a dynamic effect in rustic cabin decor. Mixing interesting pieces into one charming vignette adds both charm and visual interest. Here are some of my favorite pieces to layer.

Every vignette should have at least one metallic piece. Most often, I advise people to include gold or silver. However, in rustic cabin decor, it can be tin or a slightly distressed accessory piece with a great patina.

Metallic pieces add some shine and are very interesting to look at.

Glass objects are a must have accessory in any vignette. They add a little shine and sometimes reflect other objects which makes the vignette more interesting. They refract light which keeps the vignette from becoming overly fussy.

In rustic cabin decor, glass objects are likely to include charming country items like a mason jar, a tall vase filled with wildflowers, or an antique mirror. These would all work very well with this decor style.

I also love the organic elements that are worked into successful vignettes in this decor. I mentioned the glass vase with a charming bouquet of wildflowers, and that’s great!

There are also elements you could use. Think of what you have outside your own window. If you don’t have wildflowers, do you have pine cones, acorns, or even sand? They can be displayed in a vase. They add charm and show that you’re connected to the world outside of your window.



A great, workable kitchen is a staple in rustic cabin decor. As the old adage states, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where we gather as a family to share meals, drink coffee, and plan our days.

Here’s what I love in a rustic kitchen:

Rustic cabin decor and vintage-inspired wallpaper seem to be a perfect match! Wallpaper is durable, easy to clean, and stands up well to the heat of the kitchen.
Vintage-inspired wallpaper is not stuffy or stodgy. For example, today’s floral prints are printed in a larger format to keep a fresh and sassy look. Look for prints with a classic print but in an updated color. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a neutral print.

Wallpaper is always a great choice for the kitchen. But there’s something special about vintage-inspired floral print wallpaper in a home decorated with rustic decor.

The traditional kitchen table has regained its lost popularity over the past year!

In rustic cabin decor the kitchen must have a natural wood table in a natural, organic tone.

The kitchen table is more than a place to throw the mail when you walk in the door. It actually is a center for the family to gather. Families eat meals, couples share morning coffee, the children complete their homework assignments at the kitchen table. In addition, it can be set up as extra workspace for food preparation when cooking a large meal.

In conclusion, rustic cabin decor is a relevant and charming way to bring a rustic, country feel into your home. Yet, you retain a feel that’s casual and inviting. You can achieve this relaxed feeling by incorporating some of these design elements.

Keep an open mind, and use this style as little…or as much…as it pleases you and suits your lifestyle.


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My Favorite Home Decor Pins For Summer 2017

Today, I am sharing my favorite home decor pins for summer 2017. Summer is about evoking a feeling that’s slowed down, relaxed, and more casual. It seems like as the temperature rises, I just want to chill out inside. You know, the place WITH the air conditioning.

I take the time to revamp my space for the summer and bring the outdoors inside. I love to check sites like Pinterest for my inspiration while I enjoy a cold margarita. It’s my escape from the heat!

So pour an ice cold beverage and join me in looking at my 10 favorite home decor pins for summer 2017.


Greenery. It’s everywhere. Pantone’s 2017 color of the year is still running strong this summer. It looks like it’s here to stay for a while. And why not? These rich, vibrant greens have a are like an escape to the tropics.

For me, I prefer to bring the hot, hot heat to my walls with wallpaper inspired by the tropics. Lush green foliage against a crisp white background can transport even those in a cooler climate on a tropical escape. And why not? It’s a very hot look that will remain relevant for years.

Install an accent wall if you’re unsure…you can add that color without the longer-term commitment as it can easily be replaced sooner than later. But I promise, it will keep your home right on trend.



Summertime is nothing, if you don’t get to take at least one trip to the beach! There’s something so very soothing about feeling the warmth of the sand squishing between the toes..

Escape to the seaside even if you’re landlocked. If you can’t get to the beach, then bring the beach to you! These saturated shades of vibrant aqua mimic the clear blues of the Caribbean Sea.

Use these shades in your accent, area rugs, or bedding to give a beach-fresh pop of aqua
anyplace that you can. You will brighten up the space for summertime and feel like you’re on an exotic getaway.



OK. This pin isn’t interior decor, it is actually garden decor. But we spend so much time outside in the summer that it’s certainly worthy of making the list!

For decades, men have stormed away to their man-cave when they get into a snit. 2017 is the summer of the She-Shed. Look out, we women have declared our own space!

A She-Shed is a small building or space in the yard where the lady of the house (that’s me!) can escape. It gives me a place to decorate so I can relax, unwind, plan, and just get away. No teenagers and no husbands are allowed!

A She-Shed can be elaborately decorated. Or, it can be rustic with storage and workspace to do craft projects. It’s whatever the lady desires.

This particular She-Shed does happen to be painted…no surprise…Greenery.



Popcorn ceilings. The very name may make you look up at your own ceiling and shudder. Circa-1980, popcorn ceilings were in high demand. It was a time of a building boom, leaving many homes with this unfortunate architectural detail.

This pin shows an easy way to stay inside, ratchet down the thermometer, and work up some sweat equity. You can easily, and affordable, cover that popcorn ceiling. Once. And. For. All.



I adore farmhouse decor. When done today, it’s a relevant blend of modern conveniences mixed with old timey charm. It’s cute yet chic. And it’s simple yet elegant. If you are tired of edgy, stark, and empty feeling spaces, this is a trend you should check out.

This pin gives you 41 ideas of small touches that make a big impact in adding farmhouse charm to any room in your home. A lot of them are great, crafty types of projects that give you an excuse to stay inside and beat the summer heat!


Kitchen cabinets are very expensive. And, if you have good quality, well built cabinets, ripping them out and replacing may not be the smartest thing to do. In some older homes the cabinets are very solid and hand-built.

Instead of ripping them out, get on trend and paint them!

This is a great how-to on painting kitchen cabinets so you can bring them back to life. You’ll be sure to fall back in love with your cabinetry when you dress them up with paint.



I love babies almost as I love home decor. Ok. I love babies more…

I love designing nurseries. The top trend this summer in nursery design is the gender neutral nursery. In particular, I love the gray wallpaper accented with other soft neutrals. It makes the bright objects in the room stand out even more.

This nursery will soothe the baby while the pattern in the wallpaper will give her something interesting to investigate.


I chose this pin because it’s simple and classic. It’s a large chunk of change to remodel a bathroom. Choose neutrals like white, black, and gray and you will have a timeless bathroom. I love the earthy tones of the wood cabinetry.

The soaking tub is a splurge that allows the homeowner to soak away the long day and relax!
This bathroom will remain in style for many years.



Please, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about the decor!
Stark, minimalist bedrooms are over. Soft, romantic bedrooms are hot right now. Note the layers of luxe looking linens and textiles on the bed. It makes you want to dive right in and relax!

A romantic crystal chandelier provides softer overhead lighting. Candles await lighting at the bedside. And a bucket of champagne? Stop! I’m dying over this bedroom.

6e89cef4e77023479b350f746c7f7a75 (1)


I love looking at before and after furniture on Pinterest. With chalk paint, even a novice painter can take an outdated piece, add a contemporary color, and have a fresh look in any room. This drab buffet is made sassy with a coat of blue chalk paint. It gives it a very custom look that makes it worth the effort of re-painting.

I love reclaiming and upcycling furniture. It is great for the environment. And, it’s therapeutic for me to get in bring an old piece back to life again.

Do you also have favorite pins that inspire you to stay inside and spruce up your home? Please feel free to share them with us!


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Get On Trend with Farmhouse Decor

If you love a style that elicits a warm and welcoming feeling, then you should get on trend with farmhouse decor. Farmhouse decor combines down-home simplicity and charm with contemporary conveniences in a seamless,

Think of warm, rich wood tones. And if the wood is reclaimed from a century barn, that’s even better! Combine it with soft wall treatments of timeless colors like creamy whites, sophisticated blues with a touch of gray, and botanical-inspired greens. Incorporate simple accessories such as a mason jar filled with freshly cut wildflowers. It’s an elevated take on shabby chic.

This style has gained popularity over the last several years. Many attribute it to celebrity interior designer, Joanna Gaines and her popular HGTV series Fixer Upper. Others argue that the lovely Ms. Gaines has perfected and popularized, not invented, this style. Either way, Ms. Gaines has propelled this style into a hot trend!

Here are 10 ways that you can get on trend with farmhouse decor.

1-Use Warm Rich Woods As Your Feature

Warm wood tones, especially raw woods, are of utmost importance in the farmhouse decor style. Make these the centerpiece of your room. As stated previously, reclaimed wood from an old farmhouse or barn is very important. This is because it lends an authentic feeling to the room.

Some wood features can be a mantel, a table constructed from reclaimed barn wood, or exposed beams in the ceiling.

A little of this goes a long way. You want them to became the main feature in the decor, not become the entire decor. This is what keeps your styling on point.

2-Those Wood Tones Pop Against Ivory and Creamy White Colors

Those warm wood tones absolutely pop against whites. Stick with warm whites, with the tiniest drop of yellow. Stark whites will look harsh and outdated in this style.

Here’s an example.If you have a raw wood table created for you, ask to have the legs and base of the table. This color draws the eye to the piece because the white brightens it up, keeping it sassy looking.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose colors. Please do! Just remember that when in doubt of what to pair with the wood, you can’t go wrong with an ivory or creamy white.

3-Vintage Inspired Wallpapers
Choose vintage inspired floral print wallpapers for your walls. This doesn’t mean you need to wallpaper every room of your home (although I’ll admit, I’ll love you if you do!). Use this trick in those key, high-traffic areas like the foyer, kitchen, and laundry room.

This will add another touch of farmhouse charm that is classic and elegant. Plus, you can choose a washable wallpaper! This will give you the ability to clean up any messes with a quick wipe and keep your look clean for longer.


4-Rolling Barn Doors Make An Interesting Architectural Detail

Rolling barn doors are right on trend in farmhouse decor. They are both an interesting and fun architectural detail. Scout flea markets, estate auctions and yard sales. You never know where you may find them.

In fact, you almost always need to have a carpenter modify the door you find to fit your home. Therefore, if you can’t find one ask your carpenter to build you one out of reclaimed wood instead!

5-Mason Jar Accessories

Mason jars are indigent to true farmhouses. For centuries, American farm wives have pickled, sauced, and canned their bountiful harvests to “put up for winter.”

Even if you don’t live on an actual farm, you can pay homage to our the farming heritage with simple mason jar accessories. Decorative mason jars can be found in a variety of colors. You can use them for vases, light fixtures, organizers, or for serving cold iced tea.

Invest in these for a charming, authentic accessory.

6-Shiplap Walls

While we touched on warm wood features, shiplap is important enough in farmhouse decor to warrant a separate category.

Shiplap wood is installed to run horizontally, rather than vertically, in your space. It makes an excellent feature wall. However, it’s a versatile material. For example, you can also shiplap it as the facing on a kitchen island to create a one of a kind piece that will wow you every time you see it.

It can be left raw or painted, whichever works best for you. It’s inexpensive and easily installed.


7-Farm Sink In The Kitchen

If you are going for a farm decor look in your kitchen, opt out of the standard stainless steel sink. Instead, install a farm kitchen classic…a porcelain-enameled cast iron farm sink. This sink is a workhorse and can handle any task that you throw at it.

In fact, you may wonder why you didn’t get one sooner! It’s certainly gorgeous! You’ll also love being able to wash the largest pot you have in there with ease.

8-Use Soft Colors

In the past, farmhouse decor meant either pastels or hunter green and burgundy. We’re over that.

Today, you want to choose soft colors. Think of blues the color of washed denim, buttery yellows, or soft greens. While white makes the wood tones pop, these nature-inspired colors will keep the look earthy.

Take a look at Sherwin-Williams “Oyster Bay” for an example. Indeed, it’s a color that you often see employed by Joanna Gaines on her show. It’s luxurious feeling but doesn’t overwhelm the space. It ties it all together in a subtle, but beautifal, way.

9-Rehabbed Furniture Pieces

Grab an antique or two at a yard sale. Strip it down, use chalk paint and wax, and you have a new again piece! These type of pieces add an element of charm to your farmhouse decor. They are unique and often have a unique story. If you can locate a furnishing with local significance that’s even better!

For example, I recently found an old child’s school desk at a yard sale. It was a sturdy tongue and groove construction and had a spacious drawer. A tag inside showed me that it was from the warehouse of the local school district. I found out that it was made in the 1930s when the government was putting men to work building schoolhouses in my area. I bought it, painted it, and it’s now an accent table in my living room.

This isn’t just an accent piece, it’s a conversation piece.

10-Restore Wood Floors

If you have hardwood floors hiding under your carpet, you have a great opportunity. You are a lucky person, indeed! Tear out that carpet and liberate those floors! Hardwood floors are a prominent design element in farmhouse decor.

While some aren’t lucky to have those, you must incorporate them into the decor if you do!

In summary, farmhouse decor is about charm, comfort, and casual elegance. It’s a nod to a simpler era when neighbors knew each other and came over to sip coffee. You can evoke thoughts of that warm welcome with farmhouse decor.


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10 Ways to Dazzle Them With Gold Decor

We associate gold with royal palaces, resplendent in rich colors, dripping with jewels, and trimmed in rich golds. Naturally, we want the best for our homes, and gold is a resurging hot trend in home decor. Today we’ll take a look at 10 ways to dazzle them with your gold decor.

Gold today is different than the “gold” tones of the 1970s and 80s. At that time, it was more a brass tone than today’s gold. Be sure to understand that distinction before you embark on your journey to a dazzling gold home. You want to make sure that your choices in gold are relevant and current, not outdated and sad.

When those brassy golds fell out of favor, gold took a backseat to nickel, brushed silver, and stainless steel for a couple of decades. Guess what! Gold is back. It’s better than ever. With its posh and indulgent feeling, you will feel like a king or queen in a golden room.

For the current gold trends think of 24 karat yellow gold, rose gold, and champagne gold. These are your go-to shades. Today’s gold is brilliant in both shine and finish.

Gold has been coveted since the beginning of mankind. It’s coveted for its beauty. In fact, it’s been used for currency since modern man starting walking upright.You know the term “the gold standard?” That really is a thing. People have fought…and died over gold. Royals and world leaders have collected gold bars as they accumulated wealth. In fact, they have often displayed it, ordering their gold bars to be melted down and used to decorate so they could outwardly display their power and money.

While you may not do any of the above, you still can decorate with gold! Or, at least good quality gold tone that will add that sparkle that you crave.

1-Pair gold with navy for a softer look

Gold and navy are a heavenly match. Gold displays well against a rich navy backdrop. Navy is softer in tone than black. It’s intriguing and Therefore, it’s a look that’s rich yet easy to pull off if you want a more feminine look.

2-Pair gold with black for a bold look

On the other hand, you may want a powerful and bold look. In that case, pair gold with black. Like the navy, gold will pop against black. But the black comes off as a more powerful and deeper look. This makes a great masculine or gender-neutral look.

3-Add gold to your layered decor

Remember when I wrote about how to layer decor a few weeks ago? We talked about creating individual vignettes within the room, each with its own focal point. Use a gold accessory to create that focal point! A true gold tone isn’t bashful! It reflects the light and catches the eye naturally.

Think of using gold candlesticks, vases, or sculptural pieces to become the focal point of your vignette. These pieces can add height and shine at the same time.


4-Create a focal wall with gold wallpaper
Make a huge style statement in any room with gold by making a feature wall that makes any room look grand! Gold wallpaper adds a romantic touch to any room. The luminous look adds shine that simply can’t be ignored. It is certainly a dramatic look.

Metallic wallpapers are particularly fetching in the candlelight. Browse our collection of gold wallpapers on

5-Gold and crystal light fixtures

There are so many light fixtures on the market today that it’s confusing. If you want to add gold into your space, the light fixture is a great opportunity for you. Instead of an all gold light fixture, select one that features both gold and crystal.

You will find that the crystal and the gold bounce the light off of each other and give an almost iridescent look to your room. In fact, you might never want to turn off the lights again.

6-Gold is a neutral

When you are decorating with gold, remember that it is a metallic. Therefore, it’s a neutral. It goes with everything. Let your creativity reign and feel free to use it to brighten up any space. Mix and match it with any color or even other metallics. It’s fun to go over the top with gold in your decor.

7-Decorate with gold-framed mirrors

Mirrors are so important in design. We use them to make a room look larger, to add light and brightness to a dark room, or just to reflect a gorgeous view.

Have fun with mirrors by choosing gold frames. While the mirror does the heavy lifting of actually refracting the light to produce the image, the gold adds a luminous glow that makes it even more dramatic.

8-Remember the roses

Remember also that rose gold is on trend right now. If yellow gold isn’t your thing, remember the rose gold family. All these nifty ideas we’re discussing are relevant in rose gold as well.

9-Walk in fields of gold

Remember the song? Well, maybe you will not walk in a field of gold. However, look for an area rug with gold metallic threads woven into the fabric. These rugs will add a very high-end and luxurious look to any room.

For even more drama, layer three rugs with gold threads and you will create a space that’s just too posh for words.

10-Don’t forget the champagne!

Don’t forget the champagne! Champagne textiles, that is! Look for textilesin champagne to layer on your bed, couch, or armchair. Seek out champagne-colored window treatment. Toss champagne-inspired accent pillows…well, everywhere. Don’t you love an accent pillow?

Why champagne? True gold fabrics are simply not practical. Or affordable for that matter. Champagne color blends perfectly with all your gold. It’s also a neutral. Champagne is a soft gold color but lacks that mirror-like pure gold finish. Therefore, it can be produced in textiles that are practical yet still carry through that golden look.

Get that golden glow going in your home! It’s on trend and luxurious. Because gold goes with everything, you can make these changes right away and glam up your space with gold.



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